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Throughout our roofing careers, we’ve seen a lack of companies providing a service at the intersection of quality, price, and customer service. As the top roofing company Katy TX relies on, we aim to change that and give you the best roofing experience yet. Whether it’s an emergency repair or planned installation of a new skylight, our roofing Katy TX team has you covered and is able to give a prompt solution and peace of mind. With a proven track record, you can rest assured that your roofing projects will be in safe hands. We are a Katy roofing contractor that only uses the highest quality of materials and have the breadth of experience to cover projects using asphalt composite shingles, wood shingles, clay tiles, concrete tiles, slate shingles, rubber tiles, metal shingles or standing seam metal roofing. We can handle any roof repair Katy TX has to throw at you.

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With many years working as roofing contractors Katy TX, our roofer Katy experts specialize in installing the most high-quality roofing materials. We also focus on alleviating your roofing woes by working diligently and quickly, minimizing the disrupting in your life as we install the best roof for your home.

Our roofing options include:

  •  Designer Shingles
  •  Asphalt
  •  Tile
  •  Metal Roofing
  •  Flat Roofs

There are a number of roofing styles and colors to choose from. We can help you pick out the best material to protect your home and match your style. Ours is some of the best metal roofing Katy has been using for years.


We’ve all seen homes with blackened gook, leaf-filled, debris-laden gutters. Clogged gutters aren’t just horrendous for curb appeal, but it can destroy your home’s exterior. Just by slowly weakening your structural integrity, you may start to see water damage and experience leaks!

Take care of it today with fast, expert gutter cleaning, repair, and installation services. Our gutter cleaning Katy TX team can instantly fix issues with water damage and maintain the quality of your home just with a quick cleaning of your gutters.

Need to replace or install new gutters? We provide high-quality, modern options to choose from that will match any home style and ensure that you don’t have to maintain your gutters as much.


As the most reliable roofing company Katy TX has to choose from, we roofers in Katy specialize in all types of siding, whether you want wood, vinyl, or metal. We can evaluate your siding needs and provide a free estimate on installation or repairs. You can pick from several samples to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the exterior of your home.

Our siding contractors Katy TX team begins by installing vented soffits at eaves and solid soffits in peaks. We also offer custom siding that prevents oil canning.

When your home has suffered siding damage, you can count on our Katy roofing contractor team to be there and make fast repairs that will last a lifetime.


Love to stargaze from the comfort of your living room? Skylights offer an amazing aesthetic for any home, but they can be difficult to clean and keep up with, especially years after installation. Many homeowners have also noticed leaks from their old skylights due to sealing wearing away or storm damage. We can help you with that.

Not only can we offer you a selection of skylights installed by the best roofing contractors Katy TX has for new installations, but we would be happy to ensure your stargazing never ends with full cleaning and repair services. In just one afternoon, you could have the perfect window to enjoy beautiful blue skies and starry nights. Our roofing Katy team will take care of you and make sure you’re satisfied.

What do we Do?

See below for a few of the many services we offer our valued customers!

Free Roofing Estimates

Cause who doesn't like a free quote? Why on earth would we charge you in order to quote your job? We'll meet up with you promptly and provide you with a quote as soon as we're able!

Skylight Installation

If you've decided you want to stargaze from the comfort of your own living room with the heat on from the fireplace and no bugs flying around your ears, then we can help! We are exceptional at installing new skylights and would be happy to make your stargazing dream a reality. Conversely, if you achieved that dream years ago, but now that window to the great beyond has begun to leak, we've got your back and will do everything we can to bring back your stargazing paradise.

Gutter Cleaning

Come Fall when all the darn leaves are falling and your back is reminding you that you keep getting older, call us to come pull out the big ladders and provide you with some quick and efficient gutter maintenance so that your rain runoff will drain smoothly and you can keep your feet on the ground.

Roofing Katy TX

Roof Repairs

When hailstorms come, when time hasn't been kind, or windstorms rage, sometimes your roof needs a little TLC to prevent leaks from springing or quick action if your roof has already been compromised. No one wants to wake up to water dripping on their face early Monday morning. Take care of your roof.

Roof Replacements

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you have to throw the lemons out and buy a new roof instead. When you can no longer trust the good old shingles up above, we'll be there by your side to help you through the grieving process and pick out a shiny new roof that will last you even longer than your old one. But don't tell your current roof that.

Why Work with the Katy Roofing Company?

We’re one of the most experienced roofing companies Katy TX and the surrounding area has depended on for years. We can help you select the best roof for your home or business, as well as offer an affordable price on materials and labor. Every roofer on our team is dedicated to meeting the highest expectations of our clients.

It’s one of the reasons we constantly receive client referrals and recommendations. We’re thankful for our amazing customers for keeping us in business all these years. It’s our family of clients that we owe everything to as we strive to be the most reliable roofing company Katy TX has to choose from.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, which is why our roofing contractor Katy TX team goes above and beyond to satisfy our customers. Our primary goal is to complete every job to your exact satisfaction. Anything else means the job isn’t done until you’re satisfied.

Who doesn’t like knowing what’s wrong when something happens to your roof or siding? If you’ve got a leak, crack, break, or other hazard in your roof, you need one of the fastest roofing companies Katy TX has to rely on by your side.

Our Competitive Pricing

We always try to be the most affordable of all roofers Katy TX has to choose from. Our pricing is based on complexity of damage or installation needs, cost of materials, estimated labor costs, and any specialty considerations.

Whether you have water damage, cracks, missing shingles, or just want an entirely updated exterior for your home, we’re one of the top roofing companies Katy TX has relied upon for years.

we are versatile and Modern

Your home should feel like your own, which is why you should rely on the premier roof contractor Katy TX to offer the most options for roofing materials, gutters, and siding. We’ve spent years working with homeowners and business owners, giving us insights into the most modern and durable choices for our clients.

From designer shingles to Katy TX roof repair to beautiful custom siding, we promise to always offer you the best materials to match your exterior, while also ensuring your home or office exterior remains strong for years and years.

Fast and Dependable Services

Whether it’s gutter cleaning or roof repair Katy TX roofing services, we’re always there for you. Not only will we meet with you quickly, but we also provide free quotes, because it’s important that you know what’s happening with your roof before payment is even discussed. How else will you know what’s going on?

While any other roofing contractor Katy TX service may double and triple charge you for the best materials, we’ll provide you with the most affordable price to get the job done and complete your roof repair Katy TX.

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For years, we’ve helped residential and commercial clients with top-notch Katy TX roofing contractor services and other Katy TX roof repair. We conduct a point-by-point inspection before completing any work, making sure that all of your questions and concerns are answered before we finish.

It’s our pleasure to be apart of the community of Katy TX roofers. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured, performing all work under correct zoning and permit laws. You never have to worry about accidents or damage as we do our best to eliminate all hazards, but you’re also protected, just in case the impossible happens!

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We know you’re worried, but that’s why you should call our friendly Katy roofing company customer service or reach out to us online. We roofers Katy TX can answer any questions you have and provide a free estimate right away to kick off your roof, gutter, or siding project. We also offer commercial roofing Katy TX businesses are able to depend on.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix your roof. We provide quick, competitive quotes for all roof leak repair Katy TX. Call the best roofer Katy TX has to offer!


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