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Enjoy the climate-controlled hitting bays for year-round comfort, as well as HDTVs in every bay and throughout the sports bar and restaurant, at Topgolf Houston – Katy, Houston’s leading entertainment destination. Aim at the enormous outfield targets with the complementary clubs or your own, and the high-tech balls will automatically score.  Topgolf is a game for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just picking up a club for the first time. No matter how you swing, you’ll be able to score with massive targets. The microchipped golf balls also score themselves, allowing you to concentrate on having fun. They’ve turned socializing into a sport at Topgolf by combining technology and entertainment – and that’s just the game! If visitors visit the facility on any given day, they will notice that it’s alive with activity. There’s no need to have a perfect golf stroke or a high score. It’s all about having a good time for everyone.

They know that fantastic food and drink are at the center of any great social gathering when it comes to their meals. It’s something they take very seriously. Each Topgolf venue’s restaurant and bar has a chef-driven menu managed by an outstanding Executive Chef, utilizing the region’s greatest culinary expertise and using high-quality ingredients to create innovative takes on classic dishes. You’ll find surprising new inventions as well as a fresh take on American classics, local delicacies, and beers. The food and beverages will be as pleasant as the games, with shared servings and fresh, high-quality ingredients. They consider themselves to be one of the greatest places to dine in the Houston, TX region, not simply a place to play.  When you arrive, check-in with the rockstar front desk crew, who will help you choose the ideal bay. While waiting, relax on the outside terrace or have a drink in a full bar and restaurant. When your bay is ready, we’ll send you an SMS. A bay host will assist you in setting up your game and creating profiles for each player once you’ve settled into your climate-controlled bay. Choosing one of the more than a dozen games to play first is the most enjoyable part. Aim at the enormous outfield targets with the complementary clubs or your own, and the high-tech balls will automatically score. Order food and beverages as you play, then watch the game on the HDTVs in your bay. There are lots of locations to visit in Houston if you’re seeking things to do, but Topgolf is the place to go if you want to have an unforgettable experience.

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