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MKT Railroad Museum

Visit Katy’s most famous landmark! With life-size displays, the MKT Railroad Museum is a historic monument. The MKT railroad museum will take you on a trip of how Katy came to be and how it became a major locomotive stop. The Katy Historical Society continues to function out of this location and continues to unearth records to share with visitors. The MKT railroad used to run across Missouri, Kansas, and Texas. In 1898, Katy, Texas, erected this train terminal. In 2006, the MKT railroad museum was refurbished and reopened to the public. This park is distinguished by the reconstructed Missouri-Kansas-Texas Depot and the bright red caboose on the grounds. The Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) Depot has been refurbished and is now available for use at the Visitors Center. Tourists and visitors may get information, brochures, and maps for the City of Katy and Katy businesses at this prominent location. Inside the Depot, the Katy Heritage Society Railroad Museum showcases many original artifacts and tells how the Depot served Katy as a passenger train service until 1957. The Heritage Society’s red caboose, complete with benches and a town clock, is featured on the nicely planted grounds. The construction of the M-K-T Depot was completed in 1898. It was not as simple to get from one area to the next back then. For the common individual, horses and buggies were still the predominant forms of transportation. Railroads were still being built across the expanding country, making it simpler to travel from one location to another in less time and with greater luxury. In 1919, the M-K-T Depot in Katy received an addition. That was since segregation was still in effect. Whites would be led to one waiting room, while blacks would be routed to another. What was to become Katy, Texas, was a handy halting location for steam engines in need of water. Cane Island was the original name for this location. The depot would have been dismantled in 1977. Traveling by rail was no longer as popular at the period since most people owned automobiles. The terminal was purchased by the city for $25. However, it had to be moved. The M-K-T Railroad Museum is run by the Katy Historical Society. Looking at the relics at the modest depot museum provides one a good impression of what it was like to travel by rail in the past. Visitors to Katy, Texas can get information and visit the M-K-T Railroad Museum and Park, which is tiny yet spectacular. 5615 First Street, Katy, Texas 77493 is the address. Wednesday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. are the hours of operation.

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